Wyndham Palm-Aire

The Wyndham Palm Aire nightmare

We drove all day and arrived near the 4:00 check in time at the Wyndham Palm Aire in Pompano Beach. We checked in and were told the room was not ready yet. I looked around the lobby and saw every available seat was taken by others whose room was not ready.

They took our cell number and said they would call when our room was ready.

They directed us to the concierge desk where at least 8-10 people were smiling and laughing as they had just ordered their third drink on the Lido deck of a cruise ship.

They said we needed to stop there to get our parking pass. The so-called concierge was actually a timeshare sales desk that would not take no for an answer when we said we were not interested in a 2 hour presentation. We finally walked away and found a seat outside.

After 40 minutes I approached the check-in desk. They asked for my name then gave us our keys. We ran into another guest and they waited 4 hours to get their keys. You see, the front desk lies to everyone and tells them their room isn’t ready.

If you refuse the 2-hour presentation, you never get a call that your room is done. We found our building virtually empty. Our rooms could have been ready for weeks.

No one anywhere is there to help the customer. We found the building our room was in.

There was a young lady at the desk, the only one.

She knew nothing about getting our luggage to our room. She did tell us the elevator didn’t work but another in the back of the building she thought did work.

Later we learned the girls were there to help you buy a time share, not to make your vacation better.

The bottom line for these people is, if you are not buying a timeshare, they could care less about you. I would recommend this place to no one.