Wyndham Flagstaff Resort

Wyndham Flagstaff Resort

Firstly we have been Wyndham owners for ten years and are Gold VIP.

Unfortunately, I made the grave error of moving Wyndham points to RCI and booked this through RCI just to use those points before they expired. I also had to pay $300 in addition to my points.

We arrived at 2pm and we are used to getting in our room right away. Well surprise! They didn’t even know we were Wyndham owners. So our condo wasn’t ready. We had to drive around for two hours and when we came back, they gave us our key. We drove all the way to the furthest back of the property and they were still in our condo.

We get in, and imagine our surprise to find we are in an old 1br apartment with a tiny shower and tub. No jacuzzi like we usually have, the appliances are at least 20 years old (coil range), don’t even match, and the whole apartment would have fit into the condo we just left at Wyndham Sedona.

We look outside on the back “deck” haha, and right below us is an open pipe that is overflowing with raw sewage…toilet paper and corn are a big draw, you know?

Pretty obvious they gave us the shittiest place in the community, since they think we are RCI.

Never again will I move points to RCI. Even though this is a Wyndham property, they don’t see you as Wyndham owners, and they also tried to break out the big sales staff. Vultures.