Timeshare Release - Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort Complaints, Claims & Compensation

Wyndham Bonnet Creek

Time to move on from Wyndham

We really want to love this resort, we have returned many times, but we are done with Bonnet Creek.

We paid thousands of dollars for our 2BR during the last week and had only one minor request, could we have a nice view?

We are big outdoor people and after 6 months of winter, would just like to be able to spend time while we can, outdoors, having morning coffee or evening wine on a balcony without a dumpster in front of it. After all, there 1149 suites at this resort, right? We booked a year in advance. Yet, again, the worst view in the entire resort is assigned to us, this is “all they have, we are booked full.” Everyone knows this is a lie. They offered a “parking lot view” or a “lake view” Of course we chose the “lake view.”

We got a perfect view of dead plants, garbage, cigarette butts, snaking cables and the back of the cabanas which had people partying in them all day. And all night, people partying at the pools. At 11pm one night, we called because there was a large party in hot tub and cabanas only feet from us. The reply I got from “Guest Services” was “Quiet Hour isn’t until 11pm.” BUT THE POOLS CLOSE AT 10PM – Why are people partying in them???

It must be a running joke with Wyndham associates – because they operate just like car salesmen.

The agents go to the “back room” to get a room assigned to you. No one ever calls back when you ask for anything. They hate that. Of course. Our paperwork said that our VIP benefits apply and that we were also eligible for an upgrade. The agent at check-in replies. “I have no idea what you mean.” Of course not. They say no pets, yet there they were, people bragging they couldn’t leave poor Fifi at home. T

hey say no saving pool chairs, yet the seniors came down at the crack of 8 am every morning to reserve every table and all the surrounding lounge chairs next to them, so no one else has a chance.

They say there is plenty of parking, but you won’t find a place to park because all the staff park in the surface lots, we see them leave after their shifts each day and night, forcing guests to drive around endlessly and then having to resort to a ridiculously designed parking garage.

We didn’t meet a friendly staff person the entire 8 days we were there.

The room air conditioner is as loud as others have commented, you can’t carry on a conversation in the same room with it and it doesn’t even cool the unit properly. Cockroaches started appearing on the 4th day in our bathroom. Of course, we didn’t expect anyone to call us back as they hadn’t yet, so we closed off the bathroom and had no choice but to all use the one bathroom. And this year, a bonus – our son ended up with ringworm from the pools.

There are many lovely resorts in Orlando and this one gets less appealing every year. We won’t be returning. And please Wyndham, don’t patronize us now by telling us how terribly sorry you are and that you hope we will give you another chance, and to contact you if there is anything you can do. We gave you the chance, and you disregarded it.

NO ONE will ever contact you back at this resort if you have a problem. They will tell you anything you want to hear to your face but NO ONE will follow up.