Timeshare Release - Woodford Bridge Country Club Complaints, Claims & Compensation

Woodford Bridge Country Club by Diamond Resorts

May break in Devon

My husband and I stayed at the Woodford bridge country club by diamond resorts as part of our Diamond Resort introductory membership. We had been to several places in the UK and abroad with Diamond and had never been disappointed before. This resort, although in the most beautiful settings, did disappoint somewhat.

The apartment was very cramped, with hardly any kitchen area to speak of, and despite going in May when the light of day is at its best, we had to have the artificial light all the time. It was very dark even throughout the day, and together with the little space overall, we felt that we had to go out every day.

The country club is in a remote place in Devon, so it is essential to have a car.

We had been booked in to see a Diamond representative to get an upgrade on our membership, which was set for 1.30pm on our sixth day in the resort. As we didn’t want to ‘hang around’ for this, we asked to get the appointment time changed to either earlier in the day or later in the afternoon. The person from Diamond we spoke to replied ‘this was above his pay grade’ but he would see what he could do. our request was made on our second in the resort, but we never heard or saw anyone until our departure. This was disappointing and not what we were used to from other Diamond places.

Overall, we had a nice stay in Devon but wouldn’t necessarily recommend staying at the Woodford Bridge Country Club.