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Williamsburg Plantation

Beware the Timeshare Presentation

While you can’t really judge a resort by its timeshare sales tactics, sometimes you can. We own a week here and have enjoyed trading it for places far away. We enjoy Williamsburg and encourage everyone to bring kids and enjoy Colonial Williamsburg as well as Bush Gardens and many good restaurants. Just don’t spoil your visit with a timeshare presentation.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
Twenty Five years ago, WP was the place to be. There were restrictions on properties and appearances with respect to the Colonial theme. Economics and Money have tossed all that out, so expect a Gold Crown Entrance and a Bottom Bargain middle and an Ugly Duck wannabe on the other side of the bypass. The “other side” is curiously the same resort, but called The Colonies, where the resort has been half built since the Great Recession. The insides are new, and nice, but the grounds Ugly. We’ve stayed in all three, currently we are in the Bad.

I’m not sure how rooms are assigned, and this really isn’t Bad… it’s just built Bad and there’s not much they can do about it without doubling the maintenance fees, and we don’t want that. And, except for the timeshare presentation, I wouldn’t even mention the awkward layout, the full sized mirrors in the bathroom where you really don’t want them, the profusion of bright LED lights, the tiny TVs, or the faint whiff of dog. But here we are.

We have enough timeshare. It’s great if you use it, can afford it, and travel lots. So, after a horrible experience at a presentation here at The Colonies last year, we resolved NO MORE! But we had one of those “free stay” offers, and wanted to extend a week in Nags Head over CW’s Grand Illumination. Yes, we got snagged. We were assured it was a 90 minute group presentation of a new resort they are opening in Savannah.

Three hours later …

We’ve been to many presentations. Some great some bad, some salespersons give up easily, some press on aggressively. Some leave you very unhappy. Very unhappy.

Bottom line, enjoy the resort … do NOT do the timeshare presentation… no matter how much they offer..


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