Westgate Vacation Villas Resort & Spa

Westgate Vacation Villas Resort & Spa

Nasty Staff

On Friday, April 27th. I was supposed to have a hotel (Westgate Towers Resorts) when I came back from the park it was a total of 3 rooms. The first group arrived early and didn’t have an issue and was able to stay in the hotel but myself and the other group was horrific.

We knew we would be late so we called the hotel and the lady assured us we wouldn’t have any issues checking in late even if it was after midnight. Once we arrived to the hotel she found our reservations and stated that she was sorry but that there were no more rooms available but that if we wanted we can go to the Westgate Town Center and Villas which was next to this one and they can provide us with the room like the one we reserved.

She gives us 2 separate papers with the reservation numbers and last names and we go to the other hotel. When we get there-there was only 2 Check in working and the like there was about 12-15 people in front of us also to check in.

We couldn’t see the end of it since I have a 2 yr old who was already asleep in the car.

We didn’t check in until about 3 AM. Which at the time we were helped by some women named ANNA from Germany, what was rare is that she spoke Spanish and didn’t seem from Germany at all. Looked like she grabbed someones badge and put herself to work. I told her seems like a busy night she said stated and i quote “WE ARE ALWAYS BUSY ITS ALWAYS LIKE THIS HERE”.

I then told her then you need more staff. She also called the other lady at this hotel to confirm she had sent us over and that we weren’t ling apparently. Like i really would’ve gotten that paper myself and that time of the night and make up that we couldn’t stay at the other hotel so that really got me upset. Then she finally check us in and i get to the room and when i get there i noticed that there was no tub which i knew in the Towers Resort there would’ve been should i have gotten my original room. It is very uncomfortable to shower my 2 year old somewhere else that it wasn’t a tub. i had requested a crib which i then had to wait another 1 hr (mind you it was almost 4AM).

To make it all better on Sunday we decided to go to the buffet that the hotel offers and some Spanish lady taking the orders was very rude to some older people and then of course rude to us. That made me very upset and I was even able to barely eat but we were already there and it was a group of us so we decided to stay.

With all this being said be careful when you stay there. Make sure you get the names of the people assisting you, so what happened to me doesn’t happen to you