Westgate Tunica Resort

Westgate Tunica Resort

Don’t Be Fooled By the Westgate Name

This was not a good experience from check-in to leaving after 3 nights of a planned 7 night stay.

My husband and I stayed in what was suppose to be a deluxe 1 bedroom suite 102A in building 2. I should have paid more attention to the reviews here. When I booked in early July there were some not so good reviews and some good reviews. After having been there I tend to think the good reviews were bogus.

When I looked back at the reviews there were a lot more bad reviews added after I booked an exchange through Interval International for Dec. 5-12, 2014. We experienced about every one of the issues that were mentioned in previous reviews, except for we didn’t need the air conditioner in December.

Here is a partial list of the problems. Dirty carpets, we borrowed a vacuum sweeper and ran it but it was still nasty, shower was moldy and dirty with a cracked floor covered up with some non-slip patches that were also filthy.

Not enough hot water to fill the Jacuzzi tub. Blinds were all broken. Screened patio was dirty. Spiders and Asian beetles all over. Other not so pleasant things were that the refrigerator was not on when we arrived to conserve energy but that meant my groceries that I bought had to wait to go in luckily I had an ice chest.

We did arrive early and most places let you check in if room is ready but they said no not until 4:00. Ok so I though I would get a cup of coffee for my husband and I from the pot in the lobby but the girl at the desk stopped me and said that it was not hot because it was made yesterday but didn’t offer to make a new pot or even show me were the coffee was to make some for myself. So we went off to the casino for and hour and came back at 4:00.

We and another couple were the only ones to check in at 4:00. It took about a half hour because our reservation somehow was not on the computer but that seemed to get resolved and she asked if we wanted first or second floor. We had a lot of stuff to bring in so we said first floor. Then she said, “Oh, sorry I don’t have anything on the first floor.” So we said ok we will take the second floor no big deal. Then all of the sudden she gave us a key and said she was able to give us the first floor after all.

We were in building 2 room 102A. Like I said the room still needed cleaning when we got in. We also reported the broken blinds and the bugs but no one was there until the next morning that could come and fix them. Saturday morning they came and were able to replace the blinds in the bedroom but said they didn’t have any to replace the ones on the patio door. By that time we knew about the water which was extremely hot for a short time then ran out and turned cold so not enough hot water to fill the tub. They just turned it on and felt it hot and said that we had hot water.

After Sunday night(3rd night) we couldn’t take it any more.

That is when I looked again at the reviews, by the way, no Wi-Fi, I used my phone. We talked to the manager and she claimed that was the first she knew about the problems we reported and did offer to move us to another unit but we decided in light of the other reviews that we did not want to pack up and move to a different unit that would probably have the same or even more problems as the one we were in so we just headed on home. We contacted Interval and reported and complained but they just said we should have called them right away the first day and moved to the other unit but they couldn’t do anything to help us since we left the resort. This was the worst resort that we ever traded into. I can’t understand that Westgate has not made sure that something with their name on it is not kept up better than the Tunica Resort.