Westgate Town Center Resort & Spa

Westgate Town Center Resort & Spa


Our visit left us extremely disappointed with this resort.

The facility does not provide complete access to facilities for timeshare owners that own other properties and have exchanged into Westgate properties.
The units are not well kept, kitchen cabinets in our unit were water damaged having ragged edges. Microwave, ice maker, food disposal did not work appropriately.

In the living room the TV control did not work, and in the bedroom, the control was missing altogether.

Having to get back to facilities each time these issues were time-consuming and commanding stressful time away from our vacation time and our intention to rest.

We were in a handicap room as a travel companion benefits from the accommodations. Considering that there are special needs for disabled timeshare users this unit fell very low on the scale of a worthwhile accommodation.

Mind you, handicap rooms are not cheaper.

This, unfortunately, was our second and last stay in Westgate as we experienced a similar situation in another Westgate property a year earlier.

Lastly, at the Westgate Town Center Resort when we called to communicate the issues we found we were met kindly. To the contrary, the Supervisor was rude and customer service attendants were uncaring.

Not a place to stay!!!