Westgate Towers

Westgate Towers

Not enough words…

Well. We came down to Orlando for a quick weekend getaway and figured we would save some money staying at the Westgate Towers instead of somewhere else.

There is a reason these rooms are so cheap. They look cheap, are designed cheap and are in desperate need of renovation. On check in my husband had to speak to three different company representatives who all tried to convince him we should attend a “free” hour and a half long timeshare pitch. We might have considered it if we weren’t here for just the weekend. But then we saw the room. It’s clean (ish), gaudy and I think the 80’s called and asked for their decor back.

The mattresses are literally on a slick platform with no framing. The mattress slides all over when you sit down. The jetted tub is nice, but open to the room. Which is an odd feature of a two bed room.

The toilet looks like it is in what used to be a closet and only about as wide as the actual toilet. Oh, and the door is a wonderful frosted glass/mirror that slides to close. Leaving a two inch gap right in front of the toilet. It’s ok. I’m a mom. Over the years I’ve learned privacy and modesty are vastly overrated anyways.

The shower is also frosted glass into the room. The tracks are rusted and dirty. Hopefully no one cuts themselves and gets tetanus. The elevator is old and makes incredibly loud (and rather unsafe sounding) noise. We have opted to take the stairs in case of an obviously impending breakdown.

In short do not be fooled by the words “hotel” or “resort” this place is anything but. If you are looking for something reasonable for a brief stay you’ll have better luck at the Lion’s Inn or Quality Inn down the road. All in all, I’m glad I saw the room before considering investing in a joke of a timeshare. I will stick with my Disney Vacation Club!