Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort & Spa

Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort & Spa

Not going back! EVER, EVER, EVER!!!!!

Checked into the Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort for a week with my family – trading our Orlando timeshare for 3 condos and was greatly disappointed.

While the setting is beautiful directly adjacent to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, I will not be going back.

After checking in, the front desk held our key saying she would have a ‘concierge’ take us to our rooms. We were greeted by said ‘concierge’ who asked us to wait and she would be a few minutes and take us on. By the way, ‘concierge’ is really a salesperson wanting to book you for a viewing of the Westgate timeshares. Our party waited 10 minutes while she did some kind of paperwork, and I finally asked for our keys telling her we all were tired and had been to the resort before and could let ourselves in. She refused to give us the key telling us we ‘had to have someone’ take us up… I wait another few minutes and she still is not finished – I asked again for our keys reminding her that we have paid for our rooms and would like our keys. She refused saying she would be a few more minutes… I began to see red, started to get angry, demanded our keys when she finally took us to our rooms. In the rooms, she proceeded to pressure us to come to Owner’s dinners/ barbecues/information meetings and I told her that no we would not be doing that since we are on vacation and not interested. She then continued on to repeatedly ask me for my cell phone number which I refused to give her saying – I was on vacation and did not want to be disturbed. After a few minutes longer of her repeatedly requesting this information and my refusing, she told me she could get it ‘from my registration papers’ (yea that’s going to get me to give it to you), I told her in a more than emphatic way that “NO MEANS NO! I WILL NOT GIVE YOU MY NUMBER AND DO NOT WISH TO BE DISTURBED”. She smirked and finally left………

This is not the way to treat your guests / Owners and I will not be going back to this ‘resort’ and I’m questioning whether I’ll ever go back to another Westgate So, wake up Mr. Siegal, you sell your timeshare for people to ‘vacation’ not to be harassed. By the way, anybody at Westgate thinks about the legality (or illegality) of withholding a room key AFTER the guest has paid for the right for the rooms so the proprietor can sell you something? I don’t think the State of Tennessee would think so. Perhaps I should make a few phone calls………

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