Westgate Resorts Timeshare Complaints & Cancellations

Westgate Resorts Timeshare


Disappointing. That’s it!

I received an email from Expedia informing about Westgate is a +VIP Hotel and as a Gold Member, I would be eligible to receive exclusive benefits. I waited at the VIP line for 20 mins and no one served me, so I had to join the regular queue. The check in staff is clueless about the VIP ++ benefits with Expedia.

I made a reservation for 5 nights stay in a remodelled (renovated) room but was assigned the lower category Premium Room (non renovated room). I was very upset because I have paid a higher premium but was shortchanged for a lower category room without prior notice or compensation. I went up to the room at the North Tower, opened the door and immediately realised that it is not the right room that I have paid for, as this is my 3rd time checking into this hotel. I have had good experience with the hotel and I like the Renovated Category Rooms, that is why I am back. If this has been my first time with this hotel, I would have been blindly taken in and short-changed big time.

I came back to the reception and joined the queue for another 20 minutes. The next reception staff was kind enough to apologise to me and explained that all the renovated rooms were taken at this point. She assigned a room for me on the 12th floor. It is a smoking , double room.
Indeed this is very disappointing, as I originally got an email from Expedia that my room is confirmed and guaranteed for late arrivals.
My original request is High Floor, King Bed, Non-Smoking!

On the second day – I woke up with a sore eye, probably due to the dust in this smoking room. I went back to the reception and was at first told that I will get my reserved room on the 28th Floor that is larger in size and facing the main strip. But when I received my room card, it was a room on a lower floor! I am bewildered, but I accepted and went to the room. Strangely, this room does not have a writing desk! I am on a business trip (Conference) and I have many emails to reply to. But having changed room 3 times, I decided to swallow my pride and not go back to the reception anymore. I ended up doing my work on the floor. What a nasty experience with Westgate!

What needs to be improved –

  • Service Attitude of the Check In Front Desk Staff. We guests know what you are up to… Don’t take us for a ride.
  • To check and know what the guests requested for. Understand your guests and know their preferences.
  • To man the VIP queue. What is this line for if there are no staff manning it?!