Westgate Resorts Timeshare Complaints & Cancellations

Westgate Palace Timeshare

6145 Carrier Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

Never again!

Where do I start? This review is about Westgate company overall, beware if you’re planning any solid plans for your family.

I made reservation paid in full with exact time appointment for a tour of the property to see if we’re interested to purchase a timeshare. I reserved 2 bedroom unit in Westgate Palace, when we showed up to check in I was told my reservation was cancelled and changed to Westgate Lakes to 1 bedroom unit. Without my knowledge. Just to make you realize how serious Westgate is about getting this discounted price for their rooms, I had to fill application just to be approved as a potential buyer, then had an interview with their representative with many questions and requirements. I was asked to book exact time to do the tour 2 months before my reservation. So, it was mind-blowing to me that they change the size of the unit and location of property without refunding me the price difference or rebooking the time for the tour.

Anyways, I spent 2.5 hours on the phone talking to the corporate booking agent, because the staff at the hotel said they can’t do anything. He managed to get us another unit because 7 people wouldn’t fit the 1 bedroom unit they got us. The only problem was is that it wasn’t available until next day. Very frustrated and stressed out we took the only choice we were offered and headed out to Westgate Lakes. When we tried to check in, they told us that we can’t because I have a different last name than my husband and his ID’s address doesn’t match mine. With all the back and forth I had with Westgate at the beginning I can’t believe I was not informed correctly about what we needed to check in. This is happening during spring break so getting a full refund after months of planning for my family was not an option.

There was no other property or hotel available that week that would fit our needs. We had to pay extra $300 to be able to keep the jacked-up reservation they gave us, 2 units apart by many buildings, split family. I was never contacted by anyone from Westgate about any mistakes they made.

My family will never use their properties nor would I recommend anyone else. We live 2 hours away from Orlando and host family reunion yearly in Orlando. There is plenty of fish in this town to give my money to.