Westgate Leisure Resort

Westgate Leisure Resort

Vacation disaster

I’m so upset since our last Orlando vacation we do not even want to go on vacation this year thanx to a horrible experience we had a few months ago at the Westgate Leisure Resort.

We were planning to stay at the Westgate in Orlando for 7-9 nights but for some odd reason we only had rsvp’d for 2 nights so we extended our stay since the hotel was most likely at a %30 capacity rate, in other words it was empty.

On our 3rd day we received a letter that there will not be any AC tomorrow but it’s ok because you’re checking out but wait we’re not checking out .

We spoke to a manager and explained that we were not checking out & asked to move to a similar room with AC so we can stay for 5 more nights but he was rude with us and said it was no big deal without AC & that there were no rooms when it was super hot & the hotel was empty.

So after complaining and receiving no customer service, we were moved to another Westgate property with a smaller hotel room for the same price ($99-$169) , meanwhile, we lost a whole day searching and relocating to a new hotel. Stressed out & arguing with my wife made the Vacation even worse because my son & daughter had to sleep in a living room/kitchen floor so we decided to pack our stuff and go home.

Thank you, Westgate, for this vacation disaster by never taking care of us from the beginning and nonetheless ruining our vacation plus the chance of ever returning to Orlando again. We never even received an e-mail, letter, or phone call after leaving a message to speak to a general manager.

You may think it was no big deal but we work hard and use to look forward to those annual Disney vacations in Orlando with the entire family.