Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa

Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa


All the people here are worried about is selling timeshare.

6 nights in a row I have been locked out my room- I am furious!!!!

I have been here for 15 of my 17 nights and I can’t wait to check out on Wednesday.

Whoever writes a letter when they are still in the resort? so clearly this is a dump!!

You have to walk long distances to the reception to get keys reactivated. (I am about 300 meters away but some rooms are more than 700 meters away)

The rooms are NOT serviced AT ALL, so be prepared that nothing is done- So if you are expecting a hotel environment/ Spa environment you are in the wrong place!!

New towels- you need to phone. My family is not untidy- but beds are not made daily, towels not folded- NOTHING is done to your room- so if you are expecting nothing to be done for you – you have found the right place to have your vacation!! If you cook in the kitchen- wash all your plates, pans and empty your dustbin each day etc.

Very noisy- just off the highway and main road- windows not double glazed and you can hear your neighbours on the higher floors and adjacent to you.

Location – nothing walking distance for food and shops- except for the in-house restaurant and pizza take away – so I hired a car.

The golf carts in the complex – drive around without regard and really, I can assure you, you can do better with your hard earned cash.

Shuttle to parks- BEWARE- 3 shuttles to and from the parks a day- not like the normal Orlando Hotel- so you cannot make do with the shuttle service if you want to get the most out of Disney parks and Universal- maybe you could Uber or use a Taxi?

I bought this place not knowing it was a timeshare resort through Trip advisor and will never buy through Trip Advisor again based on this experience.

Trip Advisor name has been tarnished by this establishment and not verifying the claims of the people advertising this.

I will report back on how Trip Advisor actions this- but I suggest Trip Advisor removes Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa – Turkey Lane Orlando off their data base. I was not aware I was buying timeshare – but rather a 2 bedroom apartment with a kitchen lounge with FULL service at this price range.

Booking was for 17 nights- so surely would have received one of the best rooms on offer?

I received a Trip advisor booking reference for all 17 nights- so when I left South Africa I believed all was covered. I am a very seasoned traveller and I am not new to Orlando, having stayed at different hotels and resorts. I ALWAYS double check and triple check my travel arrangements – so this is not guess work for me.

When we were about to arrive at Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa in Turkey Lane- I received a Westgate Lake reservation number from the agent. It lasted for 7 days only!!

2 days into our 1st week – we received reservation 2 at a different Westgate Lakes location

After week 2 started we managed to get the 3rd reservation number? This is ridiculous and the whole time we were worried our booking was not for the full time!!

We had to go up and down to reception each time and explain our story

What a disaster!!

We bought 17 days in a row thinking we had the best possible place – USD 4500-00 for 17 days is not cheap and i would have been better off at this rate inside Disney – remember to add the car hire of over USD 125-00 a day (with insurance) so car and accommodation at this rate = 5 star ??