Westgate Flamingo Bay Resort


My experience sucked. And I didn’t even physically stay here

**Beware for a long read ahead – but I recommend to read the whole review for maximum entertainment (profanity had to be excused and it was very very hard)

TLDR; I made a reservation. The reservation got cancelled (by resort). The reservation got re-instated. THE RESORT CHARGES MY CARD AGAIN. front desk SAYS OKAYS to come 12:45AM. security SAYS NOT OKAY to come at 12:55am… so what is it, do I come, do I not??

This is my first experience with Westgate Flamingo Bay Resort and it will be my last. I made a reservation 3 weeks ago and 2 days ago I called to see if I could do a Credit Card Authorization Form to pre-pay for the room because I will not physically be at present at check-in. I called telephone #702-252-6000 and pressed “1” for reservation versus “0” for guest (this is important please) and someone said they would be able to assist me in having a CC Auth Form sent over, and an additional name(the person checking in) added to the reservation. I give it several hours (this was no big deal because I work in a hotel call-center too and paperwork gets piled up) and then decide to call back to follow-up in the case they did send in and it went to my spam folder. I call again to double check if a CC Auth Form has been sent.. it has not, but this is where the trouble begins… my reservation has been CANCELLED.

Immediately I tried to seek staff to assist me in why my reservation was cancelled. I got a hold of Andy (thank you again for all your help and patient!) who was able to explain to me that in the process of making a CC Auth Form there may have been a typo on the agent who was creating it’s end so that’s how it got cancelled… *eyes roll* and here’s a mini-tangent, the funny thing about speaking with Andy is…. he wasn’t physically present in Las Vegas, he was actually in Orlando, FL, and this is where the previous “(this is important!)” comes in, pressing “1” brings you to Reservations.. in FL and “0” brings you to staff in NV. Fast forward – my reservation was able to be reinstated for the same rate.. but they had to collect payment AGAIN – this baffles me and I know they explained their reason why, but, it frustrated me to dish out ANOTHER deposit because of an error the STAFF made (the hotel I work in, the system can be played with where in the case “those” errors are made, the guest doesn’t have to fork up more money) but I let it be because in the end, I needed the room for my out-of-state guests.

I also spoke with Chris (staff in NV) who provided me appropriate steps in making pre-registration as efficient on my end as possible – thank you for that. He okayed for me to pay the remaining balance (the resort fee) on the night of 1/18 at like 12:03am (because I will be unavailable the whole day to pay it prior to when my additional guests arrive) and to also present a Nevada ID to be honored the discount I was given for the room. He also recommended me to call prior to physically visiting because the computer system need to be turned to be next day – I understood all these procedures and did exactly as I was told.

I called at 12:45am 1/18 and spoke with the front desk at the time to explain my situation that Chris okayed – pre-registration for the room that I don’t want to check-into the room physically, and then SHE ALSO OKAYED for me to arrive onto the property to pre-registration for the room that I don’t want to check-into the room physically – keep this in mine. 12:55am I arrived onto property and the security guard for the property DOES NOT ALLOW ME TO ENTER – baffled once again, I try to explain my situation but he doesn’t listen to a word I say, then tells me he just got off the phone with the front desk, check-in does not begin until 4:00pm 1/18, and that I cannot pre-register for the room. He proceeds to then tell me he will not let me through and to call the front desk and to park over there on my side. I called front desk… who was the same front desk agent I spoke with at 12:45am…WHO OKAYED for me to arrive that security is not letting me through. The front desk then calls security and I can make out the security’s lips mouthing “ARE YOU SURE” on the phone before finally, proceeding to let me through the gates

I HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED. And was able to pay the resort fee for my reservation. I had to ask the staff why security hadn’t let me through.. the front desk then tells me what she had told security, the security may have gotten the impression that I wanted to physically check-in to the room so he hadn’t allowed that to happen. But it’s weird if I bring up my previous points.. I made it very clear I didn’t want to pre-register for the room… SO WHY DID SECURITY SAY I COULD NOT THEN. which brings into questions – did the front desk even mention to security what I had the intention of doing and why the security was so incompetent that I had to call myself the staff myself. WHY COULD I NOT GET A WORD IN.

And as I exited, the security was exercising on the floor, doing push-ups.