Westgate Branson Woods

Westgate Branson Woods


Poor service! Lack of follow up from management.

Do not expect service or attention at this resort. My husband and I have been timeshare owners for over 20 years and have always enjoyed and appreciated the level of service and attention we receive where ever we go…until now.

There are many choices in Branson but we chose Westgate due to their pet friendly accommodations. The cost for the pet is steeper than other resorts ($170.00). The fees were supposed to cover cleaning and sanitizing. I am pretty sure this doesn’t happen.

Our carpets were filthy and the room had a smell. After about a 30-40 minute check-in we were placed in a unit equal to a Super 8 hotel room. We were not in a condo. The only access to grass for our pet was to walk the entire length of the building past multiple empty rooms.

The room location was illogical as it was apparent there were empty rooms much closer to grassy areas. There were units being used for storage and maintenance on one side of us where they were staining furniture every day, not a pleasant smell.

The parking area was littered with used gloves from housekeeping. Three days in we asked housekeeping for a roll of toilet paper and were informed they had none and WE would need to call to get more.

Two days before check out we noticed that every other room except ours had a microwave. This issue alone cost us extra money every day. We reported all the issues and the attendant was very apologetic.

He took our phone number and told us the manager would call as soon as she was off a break.

Five and a half hours later we went back to the office and were greeting with a less than hospitable person. She again listened to our issues, then went into another room to call someone. She closed the door when my husband looked her direction.

Her solution was that We call the housekeeping manager the next day at 10:00.

There were other issues that I have not mentioned.

Bottom line is this resort needs training at every level on what it means to be in a service industry.

It is very clear that Westgate Branson Woods really does not care about your experience once they have your money.