Interval International Exchange

Interval International – Timeshare Exchange

Interval International is an exchange company – they do not own a timeshare.

Timeshare companies and owners affiliate to interval for an annual fee.

If you own a week/weeks you can exchange those weeks for another resort, when you exchange it is a like for like basis, exchanging a 1 bed unit will not get you a 2 bed unit. you can exchange for the same or less but not more. you can not exchange a low week for a high week, i.e if you own a low season week you can not exchange for a peak season week, the country that you own in is also valued.

This comes down to supply and demand, if you own in a country that is flooded with timeshare resorts then it is harder to exchange to a country/area where there is fewer of them.

The getaways work differently. If there is surplus stock available, because someone has put there week into the pot to exchange but no one has taken it out, then Interval will rent it out – as a getaway. you don,t have to exchange for this. So you could in theory book as many of these as you like, and pay the rent for them.

so you need to own a timeshare to affiliate to them. when you affiliate you have an annual fee. when you exchange you have an exchange fee. if you use a getaway you have a rental fee, and you always have a maintenance fee to your home resort.

The system works for some, it depends on how you holiday and how often, if you like your home resort?? points – well i feel a lot of people have conflicting views on this, and some people have been duped into giving up their title deed and paying more money for points, then they have not been able to get into the resort that they gave up in the first place,this system needs a lot more looking into to.

either way, maintenance has to be paid.