Westgate Branson Lakes

Westgate Branson Lakes Resort


I wish we knew some of this before we wasted our money.

I thought some of the other reviewers might have been picky, but they weren’t. This place is terrible!

ALL interval international members face the parking lots. You are NEVER allowed a Lakeview (per mgmt) unless you agree to pay over $100 per night.

We traded in ocean front Cabo San Lucas for this piece of crap property. It honestly makes us question the rating system bc we’ve never stayed at a bad resort.

Westgate resorts do NOT offer free wifi. It’s only free for Westgate Owners & the prices are ridiculous. All others have to PAY for wifi. It’s 2017, most places have FREE WIFI & all resorts/hotels we’ve ever stayed at have offered FREE wifi.

The unit was the smallest 1bdrm we’ve EVER stayed in & that includes abroad & NYC! It was more like a studio w/a wall and door for the bedroom. The bathroom was TINY!!!

Everything needs updated. It had linoleum floors & Formica counters. It looked like something out of 1990, but they said it was JUST UPDATED! I’m sure it was but just REALLY CHEAP.

Pool was ICE COLD in August bc they never put on the heater and stuff was falling apart all over.

The AC didn’t work well in our unit. We called and no one came to fix it. Walls are paper thin.

We didn’t mind it much except that at 11PM EVERY night for a WEEK, our neighbours made popcorn. You could hear it and smell it as if you were in the same room. We have small kids who woke to the neighbors banging around in their kitchen. We own gold crown in Cabo & gold crown Hilton & have never stayed at such a dump.

You had to pay for ALL activities on site except the one wine tasting.

There were charges for the kids activities too. Pathetic!

Mgmt is RUDE and does not care about fixing issues. We talked to many people at the pool, some Westgate Owners and they all had the same complaints.