Westgate Blue Tree Resort

Westgate Blue Tree Resort

Most horrible service and experience

If I could rate this – 5 *, I would!!

We were there for 1 week. During this week so many things happened that it is mind-boggling that this place is still in business.

First at check-in the girl was not helpful at all, she seemed bothered that we were there and were interrupting her cell phone usage.

Then while we were there they painted the stairs going up to our room and the entrance was blocked, we had to go through the bushes to get to our room. After 2 days of this fiasco my husband decided to take off the tape, as the paint was dry. On the 3rd day, while we were sleeping in the morning, maintenance WALKED IN WITHOUT KNOCKING, they wanted to verify the fire extinguishers!! That scared the living crap out of me, as my husband went to see who was coming into our unit.

The maintenance man said that we were NOT supposed to be there! REALLY?? I proceeded to call the front desk, and we were told someone would call us. (nobody ever called). I of course could not sleep properly afterwards, as I was afraid that someone would barge into out unit again for whatever reason!!

On the fourth day they painted the lines, and again they blocked off the stairs, but this time they removed the tape the next day. On the 5th day we were at the pool and there was a fire which started in a cigarette can. We immediately advised the office and they said that they would call someone. Once the fire started to get bigger my husband just took a small garbage bucket and put out the fire with the water from the pool!! The employees are so uncaring , if it’s not their job, who cares let it burn!!

Just to add the cherry on the cake they were remodelling the unit right next to us, so we were blessed with the banging and sawing noise.

On our way out after checking out, we met with a supervisor Darlene, and she said that the manager was on vacation and that he would call me back. After 2 weeks I called back and spoke with Miguel Gonzalez, since no one called again! He said he will look into the complaint and get back to me. He did call me back and left a message, to call him back. I have called at least 15 times since June, and left 10 messages, (other times I would just hang up without leaving a message, since I had come to the conclusion that leaving a message was futile) and to this day July 14th, I have NOT RECEIVED A CALL BACK!!

I am not surprised that the employees are not responsive to the customer needs, since MANAGEMENT is their example. Please understand that I never take the time to write reviews, but this experience was way too stressful, and since even management can’t be bothered to call me back, this is my only forum for our experience to be shared. This was the only vacation we are able to take before December!! THANK YOU WESTGATE BLUE TREE RESORT FOR A SPOILED VACATION!!