Walton Hotel, Walton, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Mercure Warwickshire Walton Hall Hotel & Spa

Disappointing stay

Walton Hall flatters to deceive, the beautiful old building is let down by the unprofessional attitude of the staff.

I booked a nights stay for our Ruby Wedding Anniversary, my Wife wanted to return here to see what it was now like.

We owned a timeshare here in the 1980’s and have many happy memories from that time when our family were young and we used to go there.

Having booked our visit I thought it would be nice to order a bottle of Champagne to be in our room on arrival.

I had to chase this up on four occasions before we finally got it.

we booked in around 3.30pm and finally got our Champagne just after 5pm.

The last time I asked the girl on reception to chase it up she became very defensive saying they were extremely busy and made a sarcastic remark as she ran off to get it.

When it finally arrived the young man apologised and blamed another member of staff calling him useless

When we went into dinner the manager made no attempt to seat us correctly and slapped two grubby pieces of paper down on the table which turned out to be very basic menus

I find this all very disappointing and also very sad.

Faulty Towers is alive and well at Walton Hall, needless to say, we will not be back and I strongly advise anybody thinking of going here to reconsider

The room we had good best be described as travel lodge standard and that is being generous