Vista Verde Beach Mate

Vista Verde Beach Mate


On arrival we were asked to pay before being taken to the accommodation, the receptionist then gave us the key and pointed to the accommodation, no information or explanations provided.

We then realised we did not have the safe key so returned to the desk for the key after handing over another €14.

On first sight, the accommodation looked a bit tired and like it needed a good clean but there was little we could do so we unpacked and went out.

As we left we asked for a map and directions to the centre of the resort, we were given a map and directions to what once was the nearest shopping centre it is now almost derelict with 90% on the units vacant.

I realised the accommodation was a bit further from the centre and don’t mind walking at all but the route is also very run down now with lots of big areas of wasteland and only one bar before reaching the start of the resort centre which was a 40 minute 3km walk. This should be made clearer as the map gives the idea that there is lots to see and do on the route.

It became clear the next day that the quality of accommodation was worse than first thought, the furniture was chipped all over the place, the fridge was rusty, the tiles were cracked and the grout was black and rotten all over. The place had not been cleaned in a long time. The towels were frayed and well worn. Towels were changed ad hoc but the bed linen was never changed during our stay. Some plugs worked and others did not. The bedroom lights were very old and in my view not safe. The seat covers for the patio furniture did not fit. The kitchen blind had melted and wouldn’t open.

One night we got home to find there was no electric in the bungalow we had to get the night security man to put it back on.

One day there was no hot water until 4.30pm

I accept that services fail from time to time but these failures are indicative of the poor standard and maintenance