Vilar Do Golf by Diamond Resorts

Vilar do Golf Resort

My god what a disaster

Well hard to know where to start ,booked on line with diamond villas through booking .com paid e2300 for a week for a 4 star resort which you would expect peak season ,and trusted diamond standards to be up to scratch mmmm not so ,absolutely shocking we where given the keys to house or villa what ever ,walked up to front door which was a standard key to open no problem but my 15 year old did observe that all the others had a key card and new front doors on entry, I said to my self ahh no apartment was old and worn out, like proper old 1 star in turkey or Greece which we all do as youngsters no bother for a couple of hundred euros a week, young foolish who cares this was different web sites bragging top resort relaxation for the week and in fairness diamond normally deliver this and you can trust their resorts, but I did not expect this to get duped well I was, I was told I booked a standard and I should have booked a premium well 4 star is 4 star premium should be a jacuzzi , this was a dump, so I gathered my thoughts and decided I’m not going to put up with this as it was false advertising at its worst, rang reception and explained very politely that villa was a mess and actually dirty and old and could you please change us as my wife refuses to even un pack her bag , now it was bad ,floor was badly stained around the bed Like blood stains enough said, pure crap any way villa was like something out of the 80s not going to go on

So any way waited an hour for call no call ran reception again and was told that they where waiting on the word back to change booking ,to change us around as they had not got the authority to do so imagine a big resort and the manager could not resolve the issue they where clearly wrong and they new it ,so we arrived at resort at 3.30 and at 7 I was still sitting in reception with no resolution and was told their was noting else available ,really,I go on and guess what availability ,so I handed keys back and said I’m finding other accommodation then I said can I book another villa for tonight and resolve issues tomorrow as it was 8 o’clock and wife and kids where waiting 4 hours at this stage shocking not one person Could make a decision I had to pay for accommodation for tonight and try sort out tomorrow,I found out then that my villa was privately owned and that was the problem in peak season they would rent out for mental money that’s ok if it’s modern you expect yo pay a premium ,diamond are not screening or checking properties for rent and the standard has dropped 4 star resort with 1 star accommodation

What a shame resort is actually top notch why diamond would tolerate sub standard properties is hard to believe,in fairness I think staff did their best but corporate have the pipeline blocked no phones being answered from head office and Managment on duty no power to act lost the first day of my trip stressed out of my bin

This villa would have been fine if you where told it’s 2-star accommodation and we will give you 50 per cent discount honesty goes a long way at least I could have booked something else and avoided all this stress