Timeshare Release - Vigilia Park Complaints, Claims & Compensation

Vigilia Park

Basic but comfortable, Great Views and position

This was my first trip to Tenerife and I have to say i picked a good area.. It’s not touristy like Los Americas, but there’s plenty of bars and a few restaurants nearby.

Los Gigantes is 10 minute walk away. I stayed at Vigilia Park for 2 weeks self catering. The hotel is in a good position, 5 minute stroll to the nearest beach or 10 minutes to the Los Gigantes Marina and beach. On arrival to Vigilia we got there about 11pm.

We walked through a mini shopping center with a few shops selling buckets and spades, inflatables, etc and a couple of restaurants and cafes. I did find the reception quite difficult to locate as the signs weren’t obvious (tbh I need them glaring and in bright lights!! lol)

The receptionist on duty was warm and welcoming and so lovely We were told our room number and up the lifts, we go. Once in our room i was amazed by the sheer size of it. It had two bathrooms, kitchen with fridge freezer, mini-oven, microwave, toaster, kettle, hob and another microwave looking machine.

Upstairs there was 2 single beds and sofa bed for 2 people. There was also a dining table with 4 chairs and tv with a few channels. The balcony was huge and when we looked outside in the morning the view was amazing! We could see the sea, La Gomera island and best of all, Los Gigantes Cliffs! I never tired of the view. My only complaint of my room was it was alive with these spider things, everywhere.

The cleaner did come to sort it but it never helped. There was 3 pools, 2 upstairs (one a kids) and one downstairs. I must warn you though they were deep pools, over 6 foot.

The downstairs pool did have a ledge around it but then it would be a 6 foot drop, the upstairs one just had steps down then it was well over 6 ft. My only complaint about the pools was that the downstairs one had these insects swimming around, my kids noticed as they was wearing goggles! and the upstairs one was murky. The upstairs pool had the most amazing views of Los Gigantes and all day sun, it was gorgeous. Both pools have a bar and what they failed to me until 4 days before i left was that it is happy hour between 5 and 6, basically buy one get one free! This hotel was a really great place to stay if you are not expecting much much back in return.

The cleaners are wondering and came everyday except Sunday and thoroughly cleaned the room. I would love to come back but they have put their prices up ridiculously and so I’m going to Los Gigantes next year! I have no idea if I’ve given enough info but I’ve been as honest as possible Oh, my one bone of contention was wifi.. I have a 12 year who used it a lot but its rubbish and expensive, 1 euro an hour, 5 euro a day or euro a week but its so useless I didn’t even bother with it.

Mornings are a bit of a pain as it can get a little noisy when the shops are setting up but i kinda ended up sleeping through it once i was used to it.

At night it wasn’t too bad, i think we had 3 nights of noise but that was it. Entertainment leaves a lot to be desired and be aware, the parrot, snake and eagle show charges for photos, roughly 10 euros each.

The pool bar was understaffed and rushed off their feet, some drinks cheap, others not i.e beer 2.75, wine 1.75, gin/tonic 4.00 euros.