Varsity Clubs of America – Tucson

Not what you’re expecting

We’re Diamond Resort members who were expecting a typical resort experience. You should know that this property is more of a hotel environment than a resort. The location is odd – on a busy cross street in inner Tucson near the university. Not much green, just the building and parking lots. The rooms are super small and not much to do at the property.

When we stayed the property was in the middle of a VERY NOISY lobby remodel which impacted your opportunity to enjoy the adjoining rest and relaxation areas. My understanding is that the hotel will experience ongoing construction so you may want to call the hotel prior to booking a stay.

What’s good? The room was clean, the bed and linens were nice, our room being already updated felt new. The pool area is nice but not very sunny. If you have a car, you’re close to restaurants and shopping.

Room choice? The only rooms that don’t look at the street and parking lots are internal rooms. These rooms are quieter too. There are not many of these rooms, however.

Staff? For the most part are average except for the front desk manager and resort manager. These 2 guys are highly skilled, customer focused and have over 15 years experience at this property. You may want to ask for one of them if you are confronted with a problem or poor experience.

Overall? If you know what to expect, this property rates above average and we’d stay there again now that we know what to expect.