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Vacation Village at Bonaventure

Peaceful place

We stayed one week in here (SandPiper 1) and after it one week more in Vacation Village@Weston, so we have something to compare. In her we had a B-unit, a living room was quite dark without any windows. In the bedroom our window was very dirty but beautiful sunshine came still through it every morning! A nice and more peaceful place than VV @ Weston but in Bonaventure they don’t offer as much program etc. For example, if you want your promised free morning coffee, you have to drive two miles @Weston side. But when they have a pool party with burgers on Tuesdays, those are bigger and you’ll get a better value than on Thursdays in at Weston side. Heating in the biggest swimming pool didn’t work and they didn’t fix that problem during our stay. Luckily, it didn’t matter…


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