Turtle Cay Resort

Diamond Resorts Turtle Cay Resort

AVOID this location if you really need a vacation

The short of it is: this is an overpriced, customer unfriendly, and rickety place. For $400 a night over a Holiday weekend, you can get much superior quality anywhere in the world. Do not waste your money on this place.

We are a family of 5 and spent 3 days over 2018 Memorial Day weekend at Turtle Kay Resort. We paid $400/day because the pool looked great for our kids. And the pool was really nice but for groups of kids who would sneak into the pool from outside from time to time and play unsupervised. Never mind their foul language but twice they stole our swim goggles and when we confronted them and asked the goggles back we got the attitude like we were asking something that belonged to them.

Our studio was the worst room we have ever stayed in. It felt like staying in a metro station with metro trains going through all night long. People and most staff would drag carts along the hallways no matter what time it was and it sounded like a train from inside our room. Because this is a very old building and single-pane windows, everything would shake loudly making it impossible to sleep. All night long we were awakened by the train-like noise of large carts being dragged along the hallways as well as all kinds of noises that neighbours above us and on the sides would make. It felt like the neighbour above us was going to drop through the ceiling at any moment. Any car or motorcycle or a drunk person screaming outside (and there were quite a few that weekend) added to the absolutely unbearable loud noise of this facility.

The staff did not care. We complained twice and both times we were told that the manager would call us and see if we could change the room but no one bothered to call. Ah, no housekeeping and just one tiny bar of soap for $400/night – you have to bring your own.