The Grand Bliss at Vidanta Riviera Maya

Beware of the “Sharks” in the lobby that tries to get you to schedule a Timeshare Meeting

We just checked in and they said they had to upgrade us from The Jungle Bliss to The Grand Mayan which was on the same grounds. Then we waited for two hours because they said our room wasn’t ready. During that time we were waiting for our friends to show up and this guy came up to us to offer a discount on room charges, food and beverage etc, just make an appointment to listen. We told him we were on vacation and were not interested. He would not leave us alone.

We even said we had to wait for our friends to see what they wanted to do. After two hours of harassment, and we tried to walk away several times, we paid him $20 CASH to say we would come to the meeting. I didn’t want to make a scene since we were in Mexico and didn’t know how they would handle it there. We had no intention of going to the meeting. Each day our phone rang probably trying to get us to come there. I would not listen to the messages. We talked to several guests there and they all had the same experience. It was awful and very upsetting.

Besides that we were charged $11 a day per person for a resort fee which was never said to us when we booked.

The hotel workers were all very nice. It was a beautiful resort. A little too big for us.

You had to walk to the golf carts that would take you anywhere you needed to go on the grounds. Even though we took the ride when needed we still walked 38 miles in one week according to my fitbit.