The Crane Resort Barbados

The Crane Resort, Barbados

From A Real Person

This is coming from a real person, After reading the prior reviews and seeing all the beautiful pictures on their website my husband and I decided to book a two-week stay at The Crane. What a mistake!!!

We were greeted by their pick-up service for( 55.00) US Dollars in a small dirty, smelly, no air-condition car. The driver Corey was standing out by the curbside. He greeted us by saying

quote “What took so long and that he been waiting there for an hour.”(The last time I travelled one has to go through all these checkpoints.)

He proceeded to jam our two check luggage and two carry-ons into his small trunk. truly he needs some training in customer service.

FYI There’s a car service right there at the airport called Stoutes Car Rental that was the best car service i ever experience in all my travels they will even deliver your car to you and pick it up after, What Great Service.

Upon entering The Crane We were greeted by Ms. Tamara at Front Desk. We were offered some water that been sitting on a counter with about 10 dirty glasses and given a towel to freshen up. We mention this to a worker to our surprise he asked us for our wet towels to clean up the countertop. My husband and i just looked at each other and said WoW.

We were then taken to our room by a Very Friendly and informative

Bellhop named Corey, room # 3732. A One Bedroom Deluxe Suite With the Rooftop Pool. So that started our vacation. This Resort mentions on their website that the room is luxurious, it was nothing but horrible or far from that.

Day 1.
The Refrigerator was not working property , the lights on the rooftop weren’t working the pool was dirty, kitchen counter top had a flim of sand and dirty, the air-condition in the bedroom was non-existing the garden on the rooftop was dead. Ceiling fans were dirty, and our room overlooked an active large parking lot.
“We asked ourselves like where’s the private part.”

If This is their version of Deluxe Accommodations hate to want to know what is standard! So now its like 6 in the evening and by this time it’s dark . We decided to address this the next day.

Day 2.
The next day we get a call about 10am in the morning from front desk Ms Tarmara wanting to know how was everything going.

So I starting telling her about The Refrigerator, Lights, Kitchen counter-top was not mentioned because I clean it myself, The next thing I know the refrigeration maintenance man, followed by the Light maintenance man , followed by the Pool maintenance man, followed by the Housekeeping lady . All of this should of happen before we arrived to this room ,2 different Refrigerators were replaced until I had enough .I called tamara and informed Her i wanted to talk to management. I”m getting very irritated by the minute which would then turn into anger and frustration . Telling her how are we going to get compensated for our inconvenience .

“Hello, people We Are On Vacation”.

I then received a call back from Mr. John Alleyne he tells me that he understands there’s a problem with our room and says The Crane will credit you a day for my inconvenience. Mr. Alleyene made it his business to come and see the problems we were having, after seeing the issues at hand Mr. Alleyne offer us a another room changes the refrigerator and informs us it can’t be done until the following day.

Day 3.
By now we are just beside ourselves, Three days without enjoying our rooftop pool or going to the beach or even enjoying our vacation because our room was far from what The Crane is advertising.

That morning about 9;30am Mr.Alleyene calls and wants us to see the other rooms one was on the first floor with a 8ft pool not Private and the other was a rooftop pool I said ok. lets see the rooftop pool room that’s what we ordered we want privacy.

Upon entering the room # 3623 their was about 7 different employees cleaning and doing other different task. All I could feel was disappointment and anger, We could tell Mr.Alleyene growing frustrated in the position he was put in so we would be accommodated . We decided to take that room which meant repacking everything and moving on and try to get the best out of this situation to salvage the remaining duration of our vacation.

Mr Alleyene did address our concerns but like i said to him why did it have to take almost 4 days in order to get exactly what we paid for. Now for the rest of time, we decided to check out the rest of this resort and to our surprise.

All the main pools were dirty and had sand on the bottom of them they were not clear, like you would see on their website.

The 1887 Bar was a joke we went there to get our free Rum Punch the bartender didn’t even engage in conversation.

The zen Restaurant was in shambles their water feature before you enter has not been clean out since 1887.

The beach area was full of seaweed and their answer as a placement beach.was Foul Bay which was also full of seaweed.

The truth is the seaweed situation is all the way up the east coast you will have to go at least 45 minutes drive to Carlisle Bay better know as Browne Beach.

Marco Polo Restaurant wasn’t bad but do bring your calculator . and do try the Apple pie and vanilla ice cream

The carriage House serves frozen foods

Special thanks to Amber our housekeeper room 3623 She always went above and beyond she exceeded our expectations along with Mr. Corey The Bellhop.