Temptation Cancun

Temptation Cancun

Customer service is king

Let me start off by saying this isn’t a 3 star resort – My review is based solely on the ability of the establishment to resolve customer service issues I encountered.

General Info:

My wife and I are not swingers if you aren’t be prepared – while no may mean no – you will still have people fondling you or your woman’s goods. It is a fun party atmosphere – 24×7. After staying a week here – I felt like Vegas – it was too long, too much of the same thing. The music night after night and day after day was practically the same.


I was not in the bash tower and didn’t pay for a room upgrade so I got the low end worst available. Which are the rooms off to the right of the front desk.If you are put in odd numbered rooms from 7000-9000 be prepared – as you will be facing towards the center of the resort and therefore hearing bass from the party at night until 2-4 am and again starting around 9 from the pool. Consider asking for a room facing the quite pool if noise is an issue for you (A good front desk check in would have stated this would be occurring and changed the room accordingly, but alas they didn’t). Also, be prepared when stepping out of the shower, apparently the Mexican culture involves constant toe stubbing – the glass entrance has about a four inch lip you have to step over. Other than that the room service with the All Inclusive wasn’t bad – other than the fact your drink selection is basically coffee, tea or OJ or you can buy wine. They tried to charge me on three separate occasions for non-all inclusive room service pricing so be sure and read anything you sign.

The Food:

It’s Mexican All-Inclusive, comparing it to RIU Adults Only or the other places I’ve stayed Adults Only – it was mediocre. Anything worth having requires extra cost or the timeshare upgrade.

The Entertainment:

The staff busts their butts and they are very entertaining despite the same music comments. The theme nights are cool to watch and if you are so inclined to participate in. Some women came topless or mostly topless, same with men. Very creative costumes were used by about 30% or more of the crowd (The veterans). They had an excursion booking onsite and a sports bar. Given that I’m not into soccer, we weren’t hanging out much in it.

Customer Service:

I was told to book reservations at two locations and ensure I kept a paper receipt, like the lame immigration form you have to keep the entire time your in Mexico. Despite doing just that, and showing up well before my reservation, I was told I didn’t have one and I could eat off a ‘regular menu.’ After eating and walking out to the manager, I was told I had a spot as though we weren’t full from just eating. The fact on customer service at this hotel is that unless you have something other than a white bracelet (regular all inclusive with no Timeshare upgrade or Timeshare owner at Temptations) – you are the cattle and will be treated as such.

The Drinks

With regular all inclusive the best drinks you will get are Smirnoff, Captain Morgan and Im Beam. Unless you upgrade – Grey Goose, Crown and any other premium brands are off menu. Also, don’t plan on getting anything in a timely manner unless you tip the staff.

The beach:

Sucks, it’s on the north side of the hotel zone is which infamous for seaweed. If you’re staying at this resort for the beach water – you picked the wrong spot. You’ll be spending most of your time in the pool.