Taino Beach Resort

Not up to expected level for a resort

We reserved at Taino Beach prior to the September hurricane with an RCI exchange for a week in mid February. With all travel arrangements in place, some nonrefundable, we called to check conditions and with some concerns went ahead with our trip. We knew that repairs were ongoing, but that the Coral Building we were reserved into was open, but the pool as not.

We found the Coral building, despite being restored, was very dated and far from the kind of accommodations we have experienced at several other timeshares. We had what is called a “one bedroom” that in reality is a “one room” with kitchen and seating in different corners. “Furniture” consisted of two long cushioned areas which were uncomfortable places to “relax”. A table in front of one cushioned area had three straight chairs were the only pieces of movable furniture.

Lighting was the biggest frustration. There were two options. None or everything on very brightly with the total lighting on one switch. Over the “bed” there were bright spotlights shining down which were separately switched. Very harsh. The “bed” was a Queen pad on a hard platform with barely covering blankets, actually standard double bed size.

Dishes and cooking utensils were adequate, a bare minimum compared to other places. No midweek freshing, except at extra cost. Towels could be exchanged at the laundry window. Trash had to be carried to the pickup location.

We were on the third floor and had a nice view over the filling pool and onward to the beach from our balcony. We spent significant time there reading, but would have loved better seating than two plastic chairs.

The positive side was the beautiful beach, but even this is tempered by little shade from bare frames intended to a have palm thatching. We try to stay out of direct sun while enjoying the beach environment.

Another positive was free ferry service to the marketplace and restaurants in compensation for closed/empty/filling pool. This saved a $3 fare for each trip.

With other islands and places, we will not be returning to Grand Bahama or Taino Beach.