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The Suites at Fall Creek

Unimpressed…bad on-site customer service

We were so excited to take our first vacation in over a year. We booked our trip last month and informed the reservation specialist that we had four children. We were assured that we would have two double beds and a sleeper sofa. Upon checking in, we were again informed that we would have two beds and a couch. After spending 20 minutes looking for the unit, we arrived to a small efficiency with a double bed (for six people?-no way!) and no room for a rollaway or blow up mattress which we keep in the van for such emergencies.

I called the front reception area to try to fix this issue only to be informed (very rudely) that the resort had overbooked and we just had to make do. I was informed that I would need to wait until 9am the next morning to talk to the manager.

As we had just travelled over 8 hours in the family minivan we set out to find a second hotel room, as we were all exhausted and needed beds. Fortunately, we managed to score what felt like the last hotel room in Branson. Since the new hotel offered two double beds and a rollaway bed we all bunked there that night.

The next morning I contacted the resort’s front desk manager only to be told yet again that there was nothing they could do. I was told to contact the corporate marketing office. While the woman I spoke to was kind and made an effort to fix my next vacation when I returned to the resort’s front desk I was met with blank stares and poor customer service (and this was before I had explained that I wasn’t staying at the hotel).

I was then promised a gift card and when I went to use it was embarrassed to discover that the representative hadn’t activated or loaded the card. While we have received a promise of a better experience next time I am very nervous to take another chance.