Star Island Resort

Don’t bother

Room was spacious and the kids enjoyed the pool. Checked in on Sunday.

Tuesday got notice they were turning off the water during the day to repair something. Came back to condo Tuesday night about midnight to wet bathroom floor and noticed under toilet tank was leaking water.

Turned off water to toilet.

Called front desk early Wednesday morning to let them know. Came back Wednesday afternoon to fan going in the living room where the carpet was wet (bathroom on other side of the wall) but walked into bedroom/bathroom to find water all the way to the bed and water now gushing out of the bottom of the toilet.

Turned off water and called front desk again. Someone came to the room and said they would bring us keys to a new condo in 10-15 minutes. An hour later I call and get no answer, so I go to the front desk and they said we were reassigned a room and got new keys.

Packed everything up and Moved to the same condo in a different building. Next morning housekeeping supervisor called to offer $50 credit or a future free night to comp for any inconvenience. I said we’d take the free night.

The supervisor said I would receive the voucher that evening or the next morning in an email. Never got the email. Next evening went to the front desk and they said no free night was listed and was told housekeeping supervisor would call us first thing this morning. It is now the evening, we have checked out and heading home, and still received no call or email. They offered the comp but then didn’t even give it.

Didn’t help us move our stuff and didn’t even bring us the keys to the new condo. Rooms are decent but the customer service is lousy. I wouldn’t recommend it all.