Silver Lake Resort

Miserable staff and sub standard accomodation

On arrival we were greeted by one assisstant who couldn’t care less about our visit. We had booked 5 nights with an agent and found we had only been entered for 4 meaning we had to pay for an extra night and downgraded to just a single room for us and 2 toddlers.
The rooms were clean but shoddy, considering we were there to purchase timeshare the effect of the room put us in a bad mood; pieces of appliances were hanging off, lightbulbs were burnt out, taps dripped constantly,bedding was cheap and nasty,the same picture was on 3 walls and the unit(1800) smelt like a swimming poll 24\7.
The pool was good and the proximity to Disney was good but i would not recommend this resort if you want to be in a place where people care about your vacation.

Won’t Stop Calling! After 2 years!!!
We bought one of these ‘deals’ that included the stay here, plus one at another location in Florida plus the Disney tickets. After our stay here and the standard timeshare sales pitch, we decided not to use the other stay and paid to stay elsewhere because we didnt want to listen to yet another sales pitch. But now they will not stop calling! (It is now June 2018 and we stayed there in 2016)

They call me at least once a month, every month. I am unable to block their number as it comes from a different number every time and I have spoken to their ‘supervisors’ multiple times but they will not remove my number and stop calling to try to get me to come back. (Note – I do not live in the US and now never plan on returning to Florida unless forced to).

So, if you do not want to be hassled for what seems like forever, do not buy this – no savings is worth this hassle.

The worst EVER!!!!
My husband and I retired and used 4 weeks of timeshare to stay in Florida during February and March. We stayed two weeks at Star Island and were absolute in love with the property then we moved to Silver Lake Resort just to try after reading the great reviews, boy were we disappointed!!! A one bedroom that sleeps 4 is really a studio (very spacious at star island). We booked through RCI so when we complained we had to take it up with RCI. In addition, the tiny space smelled like mold, the fan in the bedroom didn’t work ( even after a work order was placed), had to replace the coffee pot because the lip was broken, the bed made so much noise just getting in and out it was embarrassing (mattress was awful), we could hear the TV in the room beside and above us, and they used extension cords in the bedroom to plug in lamps because there were not enough receptacles ( would this pass code?)
We went to the sales presentation and complained to our presenter Bob and his comment was you should see the ones in building 100 (we were in 500). Between him and his “Boss” they pretty much called us stupid because we didn’t want to buy what they were selling. Bob would upgrade us if we spent $8900 for his program. Really!! I already paid to get the rathole room.
The girls at the front desk were as accommodating as possible but nothing could be done. We can’t wait to move out of here!