Shrigley Hall Hotel Golf & Country Club

Shocked and disgusted!

My best friend decided to take me away for an overnight stay and spa treatment as a ‘Baby Moon’ for us.

On arrival, we were told incredibly complicated directions to get to our room. I have limited mobility, use a cane and was 30 weeks pregnant. It took me 20 minutes to get to our room!! We had to go up 2 different lift systems, in between which were lots of stairs up and down! There were many other people walking around lost! I also encountered an elderly coupe with a lady also using a cane struggling just as much as I was, and we had a conversation about how it’s shocking that people with limited mobility have to do this to get to their rooms! If it’s such a long walk, and involves lots of stairs, you should really be notified on booking!

Also on the way to the room, I almost tripped, twice on dodgy uneven stairs and runners and gripper rods that were hanging off them!

The wallpaper was coming off the walls, the whole place smelled fusty and there were dust and bits on all the carpets. There were glasses and bottles just left outside rooms that were still there later that evening! I saw at least three patches of a mound or damp on the ceiling too. And the refurbishment job left bits of furniture and equipment all over the corridors.
Some of the actual original building is beautiful, but it’s completely ruined by how terrible the rest of the building is!

On entering our room, we discovered that our twin beds were in fact pushed together and it appeared that it was also available to be made a double as there was a catch to attach them together! So my friend and I had to basically sleep next to each other as if we were in the same bed anyway!

The room was terrible anyway. Dust and things broke everywhere. I was really hungry on arrival (especially after the long trek to our room!) so decided to call room service, which I expected to be decent at least! Well, I went to call room service on the phone and discovered it was completely disconnected!! No power to it at all! I had to call the main line to try and order some food. I managed to order the food, but no one came to sort out the phone…? Food was okay, but not worth the £20 I paid for two chips and a cheese sandwich!!

We then went down for dinner, the dining room itself was okay. But the table we sat at was regularly bumped by other visitors and members of staff due to there being far too many tables in the room! A bit strange as there were plenty of additional tables in the section as you walk in?

The food itself was appalling. I had soup, which was of mediocre standard.

The main (chicken and peppercorn sauce) tasted awful! The sauce actually reminded me of a pet food flavour. And the sauce was a very stingy dribble. The potatoes were dry and tasteless. Like they had been frozen and then microwaved, the vegetables were just awful. Carrots that were black?! But not roasted?? I ate it because I was hungry. And didn’t want to complain and upset my friend who had so kindly brought me.

The only nice thing was the dessert, which was the parfait l. That was lovely, but a small portion.

Staff were relatively friendly. But a lady gave us the dessert menu and a few minutes later returned expecting us to have made a decision when we were in the middle of a conversation!

For my friend, there was no sheltered smoking area anywhere around the restaurant area. We decided to go have a drink at the bar before bed. I wanted a coffee, apparently, they turn off the hot drinks machine at 10?! So no hot drink for me.

Not the staffs fault but there was a particularly loud and rowdy party in the bar, and us and two men. We decided to sit outside to escape the noise.

Again, no sheltered seating outside!!!

Nothing at all to keep you from you rain!

We had to go and stand under an awning to stay dry! Ridiculous that there was absolutely nothing sheltered!

Went up to sleep in the pushed together beds after another 20 min walk back to the room. The mattress was hard, and no extra pillows in the room. And no telephone to call for room service!!
The bathroom was basic and the bath was small. No hand wash. Not enough towels.

Breakfast itself I felt was good actually. But they didn’t restock the pastries, which left people who didn’t manage to get any, without them!

Now, the spa. We were checking out that day so wanted to leave our bags in a safe place. We asked the woman on reception if there was somewhere safer than Just on the small trolley to leave our bags, and she turned up her nose as if we were strange and begrudgingly said they’d sort it!

We then asked how to get to the spa, she proceeded to tell us another long lost of directions involving many stairs. I stood there, heavily pregnant with my cane, looking a bit perplexed!
I said sorry, is there another way to access it with lifts?

She actually then said, oh I’ll have to ask… as if this is some kind of special request?!

She went and asked someone else (unnecessary surely?!) and told us another set of equally complicated and long-winded directions that STILL involved stairs!!!

On making our way up, we again encountered peeling wallpaper and dust everywhere. Uneven steps I almost fell over.

I then had to stop halfway because I was shaken up by almost falling and starting having Braxton-Hicks contractions which troubled me for about 10 mins. This made us 15 mins late. We apologised lots on arriva, and explained. But they rushed us to fill out our forms, and hurried us into the treatment room, which was cold. They also had no way of giving a pregnancy woman a back massage?? Surely this is a regular request? So I had to opt for a head massage, which in itself was good. But not worth the money!

We then decided to use the spa facilities.

We went into the changing room, only one toilet locked. Only one changing room locked. The floor was dirty, the robe didn’t stretch around my bump and the towel was tiny too. The slippers were flimsy and cheap and it was all rough and not soft at all. One of the hand sinks were broken and out of order.

The pool itself was disgusting. Large pools of water all around the pool that I did actually slip on being as careful as I could be! I was lucky my friend was there to catch me! The floor was dirty. The small pool at one end had actual dirt and grit inside it and I had no idea what it was even for?

The pool itself was cold! Not exactly what you’d expect in a spa!

Can’t comment on the sauna as I didn’t use it.

But the jacuzzi although was nice and warm, was tiny. And the jets aren’t working at all.

Then a man came and started testing all the water! Very unnerving! Then they closed the pool, due to finding something in the water!

We got out and decided to have something to eat before leaving. I asked for a plain cheese panini. Apparently, all the paninis are premade?! Not what you’d expect from such an apparently grand hotel!

We left. Honestly, I’ve never been so shocked at how disappointed I was in a so called hotel and spa. Will never go back ever again!!! And will definitely tell others to avoid!
An overall horrible experience!!!