Sedona Pines Resort 6701 West Highway 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336 US

Sedona Pines Resort

Resort Great …. Timeshare Sales Office — HORRIBLE

First of all, this review is for the “Sales Presentation” – NOT THE RESORT itself. The resort itself has very friendly staff, cute cottages and welcoming. I like the fact that I can park my car in front of the unit and my room is right across from the huge adult jacuzzi (that closes at midnight). If I rank the resort — it would be a five star. However, this review is for my experience with the sales staff at the sales office. When you check in for longer than a few days , they will ask the guest to see a concierge and the concierge will ask you to attend a timeshare presentation and they will give you a gift.

This is what happened to me …. and the same thing happened to another lady too that wrote about it on a major review site.

I found the Sales Managers Darren to be extremely rude, horrible customer service, and I think he is not multi-culture friendly (because I can’t think of any reason why he would act and talked the way he did). I don’t want to make this a racist issue, but I can definitely feel there was discrimination from him. The other manager Lydia had no customer service skills either. The receptionists had attitudes and really initiated the entire terrible experience and it ruined our day in Sedona.

Most Surprisingly, I spoke with the Broker – Greg (its a sales office, so this is considered a real estate office with licensed agents), and all he did was defend his employees – particularly Darren, saying that the manager has been with him for 15 years, etc…. I see where the entire staff get their customer service from. I wish they would hire a consulting company to come and train on customer service, also they should all go through a diversity course so they know how to deal with people from various cultures and backgrounds.

This is what happened:
I had a sales presentation appointment for a 2pm, I went there early at 11am trying to see if I could attend early so I could leave Sedona and go to another city. ( I told the Concierge Lady that I was going to do that). I showed up about 11:02am and the girl on the left of the counter helped me, I learned that the presentation doesn’t start until 11:30am. I said okay, I would love it if they could squeeze me in if people don’t show. I proceeded to sit on the couch and wait until 11:30 to see if all their appointment showed up. The receptionist had no clue and didn’t understand what I was saying or try to do. She ask the girl next to her, a girl with dimples, she too had no clue and didn’t understand the process. They think that I want to be seen “NOW,” which is not the case, I want to wait to see if I could take someone’s spot if they are a “no show”. I sat on the couch for about 15 minutes or so, then I went to the girl on the left and said “is there any paperwork I need to fill out for either this presentation or the later presentation?” she said “no, you already filled out all the paper already (I brought my confirmation letter with me)” then she proceeded to say “we still can’t take you right now …..” I was thinking in my head …. I know, I was just asking if I need to fill out any paper for this presentation or the 2pm presentation.”????

Then she whispered to the dimple girl, then the dimple girl went to the back, then a manager came out at around 11:20am (Lydia is her name), and said we can’t take you “right now”. I explained to her — I understand you can’t take me “NOW”, if its okay with her that I would prefer the 11:30am session and I understand if everyone showed then I wouldn’t be able to. However, I would like to wait until after 11:30am to see if there are any no shows so I could take their spot, she said “sure”, it would be more like 11:45am. I said okay, I will wait if she doesn’t mind, she said okay.

Side note: From the moment she came out to the moment she left …. I felt she had a little attitude.

Meanwhile, I could hear the receptionist say that they are waiting for 6 more parties to show up. I counted 4 parties that came in. So I am thinking, we might have a chance …. 2 parties didn’t show so 2 spots may be available.

11:45am came and gone. Everyone, including the 2 receptionist left to the back since 11:40am. So I waited 5 more minutes until 11:50am and proceed to go find the manager-Lydia, whether we could be seen or not. At this point … I had already been there 1 hour. At this point, the receptionist came back, and I began to tell the receptionist that Lydia said that we would know at 11:45am ….. Lydia came at this point and said “we can’t see you now,” you have to come back at 2pm. While talking to Lydia …. Darren (whom I never spoke with prior, started SCREAMING and said we don’t need to come back at 2pm. Maybe he was having a bad day, but I have NEVER, NEVER EVER been to a timeshare presentation with staff and management so insulting and degrading.

I wish Greg, the Broker, in charge of these agents could see the surveillance video of how rude his employee Darren treated us and was extremely rude and insulting. (I notice they had surveillance on the outside – not sure if they have it inside).

I would say if you are not caucasian — stay away from Darren and this timeshare office.