Sea of Cortez Beach Club

Sea of Cortez Beach Club By Diamond Resorts

Very speechless experienced

Never had any issues in staying in this hotel but recently my family and I had a recent getaway to the sea of Cortez.

Everything was well check in was good and we enjoyed our Friday like we normally do with family and the pool. But on April 04,2015 around 12:40 my father woke up to use the bathroom my mom was fast asleep so when my dad was in there he heard yelling, my mom was screaming my dads name so on the second scream that my dad heard his name he ran out and saw that the door from the outside was wide open he then spoke with my mom asked her what happened she then explained to my dad that she saw a man and that he felt her legs two times.

The first time she brushed it off thought it was nothing, and the second time the man grabbed her leg that’s when my mother woke up and saw , he then started to scoot back to the closet tried to hide and my mom got startled and that when she started yelling my dads name, as soon as my mother started yelling the man wearing blacks shorts a black tank a black hat and a backpack got scared and ran through the back door which he had already unlocked while we were sleeping.

My parents reported to the security at night which they man noted and told us he was going to notify the manager.

The next morning my parents spoke with the manager at the hotel and explained to him what happened he made a report and gave my parents some papers to sign, my parents had ask for some copies of the report and papers that they were signing and he literally blew them off.

We came back home waited a few days and my father called them they told him that someone from Las Vegas was going to get ahold of them because that’s where their main corporation office is at, but till this day my parents have not heard from them they a also re-requested copies from the report and papers that they signed, they said they were going to fax them over and they still have not received them.

This experience at this hotel was the worst experience ever specially knowing that little bit of security they have and them not taking the experience that my mother and father went through at this hotel serious, this shows to me how hotels in Mexico are.

Please be aware of the situation we have been through at this hotel I am thankful that nothing went to the extreme, but yet again my mom has been mentally damage with this experience and has been trying to cope with it ever since.