Scottsdale Villa Mirage

Real Name: Scottsdale Villa Illusion ….. Don’t be fooled

Did not expect such a below average stay in Scottsdale. When checking into the Scottsdale Villa Mirage they immediately direct you to the concierge desk to “pick up your parking pass” which translates to timeshare sales pitch, whether you are currently an owner or not. Very pushy! The goal is to get you to upgrade when really this property needs the upgrading.

We stayed in a studio and the room is rather outdated, old couch, old tv, bed, and bathroom. After taking a shower the first day I stepped out into a puddle of water. I immediately called the front desk and they said it would be taken care of, but it wasn’t. I called each day up until the time we left and it still wasn’t repaired. My parents stayed in a studio and they had the same problem. My parents and I just asked for extra towels to put outside the shower in order to soak up the water.

The pool was overcrowded most of the time and this could be because they added rooms but didn’t bother enlarging the pool. They did have an adult hot tub area that was seperate from the pool and it was a nice get away.

The Concierge really only knows a few things about the area, their main focus is setting up meetings for timeshare sales. Some suggestions were good but with all the options in Scottsdale, I think they should have been a bit more knowledgeable.

Overall if you are looking for a place just to rest your head this is your place. But if you are looking for a place with good customer service and where you will have an overall enjoyable stay, go elsewhere!

O yeah, WiFi not free!