Diamond resorts San Luis Bay



Don’t go to sales meeting!

We are owners with Diamond resorts. Avila like all of their other properties the concierge hassles you to sign up for a property update. Always with the promise that no one is going to try to sell you anything they are just going to inform you of company wide changes.

We have 23,500 points paid for from day one. Maintenance fees continue to rise but point values go down making the value of your points to go down.

In the meeting the person you speak to indicates up front they have no thought of selling you points yet minutes into your meeting they start pressuring you and then berates you for not wanting to purchase any more points.

After 10 times saying you are not going to buy (not an exaggeration company policy is you have to get 10 no’s) they send someone over that wants to give you free points for a small fee.

The constant hassle ruins your stay!