Sahara Sunset by Diamond Resorts

Sahara Sunset Club by Diamond Resorts

Beware Of Hidden Costs & Large Deposits

The Sahara Sunset Club is a TIMESHARE RESORT.

Sahara Sunset Club also rents its apartments to Non Timeshare customers through various Tour Operators.

My wife and I (both in our 60’s) stayed here for a 10 night stay in January 2010 (we always holiday in Costa del Sol in the winter) We booked through Low Cost Holidays (whom we have used many times) We arrived at Sahara Sunset about 8.00pm as arranged, and were informed that in order to receive our 1 bed apartment, we would first have to pay a massive deposit of 200 EUROS (£183 approx)

We were quiet shocked at this huge deposit as we had had NO WARNING beforehand and reluctantly agreed (as we had no choice) to hand over our Credit Card. The young man on duty at the check-in desk, fumbled quiet a lot to process our payment with the Visa Card machine. He could not process our ‘deposit’ as their Visa Machine was faulty – We then offered a different Credit Card, he also failed to process this one and demanded CASH instead.

We offered to pay our deposit in cash the following morning as it was now dark and we needed to find a cash machine. Although I have a Severe Walking Difficulty we had no option but to go off in the dark to find cash.

I walked along in a lot of pain and finally found a Cash Dispenser – were I was able to get our deposit without a problem (Our VISA Cards were not faulty) We made payment and needed a Safe Deposit Box – and yes you guessed it another Deposit of 30 EUROS would be required – we did not take the safe deposit box, NEXT to the lift which was OUT OF ORDER.

The young man helped to get our luggage to our apartment (We requested a unit near to reception as I had informed them of my walking difficulty) but our apartment was though the gardens to the back gate, then out the back gate and up the steep hill, through another gate and yes our apartment was on the top floor, up the unlit steps.

All the way through our time at Sahara sunset club by diamond resorts we were very much aware that it is a TIMESHARE and their one mission is to get you to hand over as much cash as possible – we could go on, but we don’t want to relive the experience.

OH! one last thing – Some other customers who had booked as we did were also made to pay the 200 EURO deposit WHICH THEY COULD NOT AFFORD – you can only imagine how you would feel if your holiday spending money was lying in the safe as SAHARA SUNSET CLUB while you were in need of it.