Royal Tenerife Country Club by Diamond Resorts

Green Credentials Sadly Lacking!

The accommodation and location suited us. Plenty of space in our ‘elite’ self-catering apartment.

Nice outdoor balcony with sun beds etc. South runway is visible across the golf course and lava field, not good if you don’t like aircraft noise during the day but no bother for us.

The weather was sunny most of the time but it was quite windy on some days as the complex is quite high up.

We did not use a lot of the complex facilities. They charge for most things! Charge for Spa, Charge for Gym.

There is a book library in reception and a poor selection of DVDs if you get tired of the tv on a night in.

It was disappointing that you have to pay on top for wifi and it is expensive. We got around this by using our mobiles as a local hotspot, this worked out better value and was faster judging by some other reviews. Also, they make you pay for the use of those high maintenance items, namely a safe! Complete rip off!!

This complex claims to be ‘green’ but we saw little evidence of it. A woman on reception said there was no recycling on site, but when I looked at the literature provided they made all sorts of claims. There is no provision for rubbish segregation at each apartment. I eventually found the ‘recycle centre’ located next to the car park entrance. There were different colour bins for the waste, however, there was no control whatsoever over which bins were used – everyone was just putting the general waste bags in any bin available – a complete farse!

I was bemused by the claims that Royal Tenerife Country Club is ISO14001 certified.

The site inside was very well kept and tendered and the golf course looked brilliant. We were dismayed however by the amount of litter on the edges of the site. On our walks down to the sea, there were plastic bottles, bags, paper packets inside the fence of the complex. This detracts from the rest of the site.

We also noticed some of the areas around the town were also very littered which is a shame. It seems the local Spanish, government or otherwise is not doing anything preserving the environment! Some local restauranteurs we spoke to were also disappointed about this.

Some great restaurants down the road, around 20 minutes walk and not too expensive.

Local supermarkets (not the one on site) are good.

Check out time of 10am is a bit much and there is a fine if you are late!

We still had a good holiday but it would be great to see some of the improvements acted upon.