Royal Sunset Beach Club by Diamond Resorts

Royal Sunset Beach Club by Diamond Resorts


After 9 months of looking forward to this holiday with my husband, 4-year-old son and my 11-month-old daughter but it ended up as a holiday of hell, upset, mither and a scared 4-year-old boy.

We arrived on Friday 21st April early evening to apartment 231 to none of our booking requests carried out. We had to chase and liaise with the reception to provide our requested items for the children.

Sunday evening we came into the apartment to a big cockroach, which my husband dealt with and we thought it would be a one-off.

I woke up Monday morning with my daughter to 12 dead and alive cockroach throughout the apartment, we found 1 cockroach in my daughter’s cot.

I immediately rung reception who sent out maintenance who explained we would have to move apartments as they can not fumigate whilst children staying in the apartment. So management moved us directly downstairs to apartment 124, I checked with several staff members that we would not have the same issue, they all responded no. So we moved, it took us 3 hours with 2 small children and no help provided by staff but we were just relieved to move apartments.

We tried to settle in apt 124, but Monday morning I saw another cockroach in the middle of the apartment near the kitchen and hallway and it ran under the fridge. We again decided, the benefit of the doubt, the hot climate it was only one plus we didn’t fancy moving kids again for just one.

So we planned a lovely afternoon of shopping and Hard Rock Cafe for tea, so after the pool we went back to the apartment to get showered and changed. My husband was in my sons bedroom and 2 further cockroaches fell out of the air conditioning unit. I was fuming, upset and unsettled so I went to reception to explain, the receptionist said there were no more 2bedroom apartments. I explained we had kept all doors shut, no food in the apartment and no rubbish in the bin so where had they getting in. My husband is a Chartered Surveyor and explained to reception they are in the fabric of the build and there was lice eggs in the air conditioning unit, the receptionist did not seem shocked. After my husband said this the receptionist told us there was another 2 bed apartment. So we had to cancel our plans and move again. Took us 2 hours with kids crying with the disruption and 2 stressed parents.

We demanded to see the Resort Manager, as we could tell by the receptionist face that they knew about the cockroach infestation in those apartments. The Manager, Daniel Masot manages two hotels in Costa Adeje, royal sunset beach club by diamond resorts and Sunset Habour. We were told by the reception he was in meetings and difficult to confirm times to meet. So after mithering reception staff and showing that we are not going to drop this, we got a meeting at 11am Wednesday.

At 11am we got our son out of the pool and met with Daniel in his office. He apologised and explained they can have this issue and offered us a full refund for the upset it has caused. Daniel told us, as we had booked through Expedia we needed to email or ring them to request a refund and Expedia would email Diamond Resorts and Daniel would email them back confirming this. We had never gone in wanting a full refund or expected a full refund just simply wanted the disruption caused to be put right. So we were shocked the customer service and felt like we were important to the Resort Manager. We asked for him to photocopy our file for our records as we wanted proof of this but he would not. Alarm bells started ringing so I decided to ring Expedia and dealt with it straight away. Expedia emailed Daniel Masot, the resort manager and they included me in on the email so I knew he received the email Wednesday at 12pm. By Thursday afternoon, we had not received any information from Daniel, Resort Manager or Expedia. So I chased with reception, they knew nothing that Daniel had told us so therefore couldn’t confirm it.

Thursday 3pm it became apparent that Daniel Masot, Resort Manager of Royal Sunset Beach Club was trying to deferring us until we were leaving the resort, he was lying to us to shut us up. He was never going to complete the refund. Expedia rang Daniel and emailed him direct but Daniel has ignored all Expedia tries.

We demanded another meeting with him on Thursday at 4pm, he refused to meet us in our apartment (3rd apartment) or on our patio as we were in the mist of packing and our son was asleep. So we had to wake our son and go to Daniel office again. He was very aggressive with me when I questioned him on why he has had the email since midday yesterday and not responded to it. After a heated conservation he ended up saying “it was not his problem and that he did not care and that it is our problem”

We never asked for a full refund, we never expected a full refund and we never asked for one. We simply asked for the disruption caused to be put right and refund for the disrupted days.

This holiday cost us a lot of money and we were lookIng forward to a family holiday. I feel sad for our 4 year old who wanted to spend the days in the pool and by the beach and really he spent a lot of time moving apartments and in Daniel Masot office. Out of 7 days, 4 days were disrupted.

Please do not stay at this Resort, if you do stay please do not allow the keys to apartment 231 and 124 as the cockroaches are in the fabric of the property not coming from the outside.