Royal Oasis Club at Pueblo Quinta by Diamond Resorts

Royal Oasis Club at Pueblo Quinta


We booked a room for one week, couldn’t bear staying there longer than 3 nights due to the roosters outside our bedroom window.

We were given a room on the ground floor, and one meter outside of our bedroom window there was a colony of hens, chickens and roosters, keeping us awake with their crowing from 3-4 pm in the morning.

We made a complaint to the hotel staff already after the first night, asking them to either to give us a new room, transfer us to the cooperate hotel just down the street, or give us a refund so that we could find a new hotel on our own.

According to the receptionist and also the hotel manager the hotel was completely booked and they couldn’t transfer us to the cooperate hotel because we hadn’t made the booking directly to the hotel but through a booking website. Due to that, they couldn’t give us a refund either.

So, after our third night without any sleep, we just had to leave this poorly service-minded hotel.

We also had a problem with ants in our room, but that was nothing compared to the roosters outside.

We will never come back to this or any other hotel in the Diamond Resorts Cooperate.