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All Ritmo Cancun Resort & Waterpark

This is the worst resort I have ever been to.

First, they do not have a private entrance.

The resort is so old, they give you a key for the room.

When we got to the room, there was no power, no towels and the air was not working.

They only provided 2 bottles or water with a coffee machine but no coffee. We asked if they could stock our room with juice, they said they don’t do that, even though they are all-inclusive.

We started noticing how inexpensive this place is very quickly.

At night, they turn off all of the lights in the hallways for 2/3 of the hotel to save on power. The coffee in the morning was sad to say. dreadful coffee with milk and sugar packets served with styrofoam cups and plastic spoons. No hospitality.

The service is as terrible as the food.

I have been to 5 different resorts in the area of Cancun and by far, no contest, this is the worst place.

It felt like we were in a motel.

For drinks, they only give you 2 options of a terrible orange tang or water.

All of the alcoholic drinks were just pure water.

We were so chuffed because this was the expensive resort in the area.

We ended up leaving early which they charged us 2 extra night for.

We stayed the rest of our time down the street at Villa Del Palmar where we received the most amazing service, food, room and pool area for less than what we spent at All Ritmo.


This place is a joke.