Ridge on Sedona Golf Resort

Sedona Ridge

Interesting Stay

We booked our trip to Arizona for about 4 months in advance and when looking for hotels in Sedona for two nights (Tuesday & Wednesday) we were astounded by the high prices. We found The Ridge on Sedona Golf Resort, a little outside downtown Sedona, for around $120/night for a “studio” room. We were driving from the Grand Canyon – once we reached downtown Sedona we were a little disappointed how far away The Ridge was from everything – it’s about a 20 minute drive to downtown Sedona.

Just to preface, we’re a 30 year old couple with no kids – wanting to relax, eat & drink in Sedona (after doing a ton of activities in Page & GC) and NOT golf. When we finally arrived at The Ridge, we saw the golf course and golf house, but had trouble finding where to check-in – there was little to no signage and we couldn’t tell the difference between regular homes, vacation homes, resort rentals and the “rooms” we booked. After taking a guess and walking into the “reception” area, I was greeted warmly and was checked-in. I immediately felt the place was weird though – I was immediately handed a ticket to go talk to the concierge (at the desk right across from reception) about entering a drawing (red flag) and then they told me I was being charged an “activities” fee – which I inquired more about – she handed me a paper with the list of activities and I felt like I was at a nursing home. They had arts and crafts, flute playing, friendly blackjack to win prizes.. it was pretty cringe-worthy and I felt uncomfortable when she handed me a voucher check for $196 that we’d need to talk to the concierge about how to redeem (another red flag). After driving for 3+ we were starving and asked for restaurant recommendations she told us we’d have to ask the concierge (again, 3 feet away right across from us) It was really weird!

Then, since they obviously we’re pushing us to talk to the concierge – we did – and we learned that we were staying at a Diamond Resort, which is a huge pyramid scheme of us buying timeshares! They tried to bait us to listen to a 2-3 hour talk where they ask you to buy into vacation timeshares for dinner vouchers and/or free tours in Sedona. IT WAS SO TACKY. We didn’t do it. We finally found our “room” which was a small studio apartment. It was nice and clean. TV was small, no housekeeping, but overall fine.

The next day we came back to an envelope to a “prize” we won – a free 5 night vacation! AGAIN, so many catches and just extremely Tacky.

I guess we should have done more research, but I was super disappointed. I’m upset we had to be charged daily for activities that were completely optional and completely a bore. Nothing to close together so if you wanted to go to the pool you had to walk down residential streets to get there.

The day we arrived I googled Diamond Resorts after feeling like we might be being ripped off

I honestly wish we would have spent a little more to stay 1. closer to Sedona 2. at a respectable place that you could actually relax, go to the pool, hang out. This wasn’t like it at all!