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Don’t Bother Going

I have had a timeshare for 30 years and have never had any issues with it’s performance.

It has always met its criteria, with minimal of fuss.

I had a week left with the RCI exchange company for 2 years.

It’s quite simple-if you don’t Use It You Loose It.

I decided to use it and I paid the exchange fee and I paid the extension fee. If you’re in a timeshare you know what I mean.

It’s all done by grades.

My home resort is in Florida and I normally exchange that around the world.

This time I exchange it to The Heritage Club-Playa Real.

We arrived 2 Days after our booking in time with My “92” year Old father in law.

Who we’ve holidayed with for 15 years and always used the RCI week exchange for him.

We arrived to be give keys to a completely different place to the one booked.

An old dishevelled apartment block called Coronada.

I made my feelings known to RCI and a rather sarcastic comment came back from the operator in Cork. I was calling On My Mobile from Spain. At one point the operative said “I should have looked at it on Line”-Sorry I said Booked it with Yourselves. Any way-This building Were In, isn’t even On Line-It’s Only Yer Resort above.

In my whole history of holidaying and exchanges “I now know the stories” The Resort even had the cheek to come over to the Block “Denise” then invite me to breakfast to The Posh One ( which we should have been in). The old potato I won’t be selling. I said I won’t be buying.

We looked at the posh one later that day. A bit untidy for a Crown Resort but hay!ho!

We asked if we could use the pool area here as Ours was not with a sea view or deck Chairs for us to sit on. Ours didn’t have a lovely Restaurant like this one had( Robertos-Very pleasant Manager invited us backfired dinner) or a Pool Bar like this one.

I love my home “Time Share Resort“ in 30 years obviously it’s expensive ( the maintenance charges) but the holidays I had are second to none. So Just be careful when you exchange with RCI and make sure this resort doesn’t have other Appalling Outhouses to stick you in.

Exchanger Beware. I’ll be looking at RCI with a fine tooth comb on their Heritage Hotels & Resorts additional accommodation. Should there be a Next Time!!!!!!!!!!!

I should have known there was an issue when given the envelope. Inside we’re the keys a piece of typed paper saying.

1) Please Note the Concierge does not work for Heritage Resorts & Hotels.

2) He should only give you the keys and NOT take you to your apartment ( instead he pointed to it) nor answer “to questions” as He only speaks Spanish.

3) Please come Tomorrow to Reception with all the adults passports and a credit card to check in.

Kind regards, Reception Team @ Heritage Resorts & Hotels.

Thank God my father in law can walk and so can we.
We also speak Spanish and why not we’re in Spain.