Polo Towers Villas

Polo Towers by Diamond Resorts

Poor Customer Service

Although the towers themselves look beautiful…BEWARE!

We just had a horrible experience here! We arrived on a 3 night stay that was booked online- it was not the room that was ordered online-we were supposed to have 2 beds- and only had one- well if you call it a bed-it was a pull out couch- and barely a full- we should have known there would be issues when each staff member made reference to the fact that “we were in the studio” in the studio appeared to have meant- you do not need to provide customer service to those not in a timeshare room or cannot purchase one.

Our trip was paid online and upon check in we were then charged and extra fee for the rooftop pool- which although we did take a peek at- we did not swim…. The man at the front desk offered us a complimentary free breakfast and after taking our identification- asking about our income and seeing we were in the studio- apparently he changed his mind about our complimentary breakfast! Our room was very small so we asked if we could upgrade- we were told no as there was apparently a convention in town – however the next morning I overheard the desk clerk asking another couple if they would like to upgrade!

Hmmm- we decided not to make a big deal of it and simply make the best of it- we made 2ndbed with cushions from the bed ( wink wink ) and decided to just deal- on our 3rd day we received a few phone calls regarding checking out- are we not paid through this evening- was there an error? I asked the man at the front desk if we are indeed good- I asked before making my way outdoors- of yes he said- you are good- we left for a few hours and came back to rest as we knew we would be heading home that night- to our surprise our keys did not work- they had deactivated them- we were then treated like criminals as we were told we should have checked out prior- ( is this not what I discussed prior to leaving?) we had to wait fir security to escort us to our room (or closet- loll) to get our paperwork and belongings- no staff was in a rush either – we waited and waited- I was almost in tears- there clearly had been a mix up- but i attempted 2 times prior to clarify- no one was interested in helping us out- i seriously after many mistakes- ( even being locked in the elevator with a defective key ) was at my wits end- no one tried to fix things or at the least was apologetic and attempted to provide customer service- nope!

The best customer service we had all weekend was from the transportation company outside- who were quite friendly and helped us find a way to the airport for which we now would be waiting a long 12 hours before departure!

Thanks a polo towers– trust me – there was no welcome home there as they state when greeting most guests- we won’t be back!