NOT Gold Crown!!!!

Spent May 5-12 in a 3 Bedroom unit in building 239. The location is convenient as a base for Myrtle, Muirrells Inlet, Pawley, etc.

The Good:

Large pool complex open 24 hours, lazy river and splash kiddie pool.

Big showers and hot tubs in the master

A good supply of dishes and cutlery

The Bad:

Typical timeshare crap at check-in in order to get your “parking pass” which no one ever checks.

There is a security guard station near the pool but we were never challenged coming into the resort. A pickup full of Taliban with machine guns could roll through and no one would say a thing.

Our unit had carpet and tile so dirty that our feet were black from walking on it! Gross!

The Hotel unit/3rd bedroom was uninhabitable due to the sour musty odour that never went away even though management said they would fix it.

Decks on the rear of the units have no privacy so you get to enjoy your morning coffee/evening cocktails listening to your neighbours and their rugrats! Walls are paper thin so you get to know even more about your neighbours.

As usual- managements only interest was coaxing us to a “free” buffet so they could make their timeshare pitch.


A 3 star, outdated, dirty complex located in a good spot with a nice pool. Little to no privacy and management that couldn’t care less.