Phuket Beach Club

A lovely expensive resort, but terrible location

The resort is beautiful and the staff are great. The beach is calm in the morning and SUP, kayak and boogie board are complimentary.

Why only 3 stars you ask? The vacation club is on the 2 side buildings of the campus. There is no covered walkway to get to the building. Phuket is in the tropics. It rains even when it is not the rainy season. You can’t really walk to your room and stay dry. Yes, you supposedly can take a golf cart but it is supply vs demand when it rains. You can wait quite a while. You can also get umbrellas from the lobby so you can walk back to the room. Again, supply and demand. When it rains, they are out of umbrellas. We got soaking wet just walking from the Lobby back to our room. Asides from the design, everything is expensive inside the resort. Breakfast buffet can set you back 50+ USD which is really expensive for a country like Thailand.

The main reason I won’t stay there again is the location. It is 20 min north of the airport and there is nothing around. There is a small mall called turtle village 5 min away and there are not much there. It takes an hour or more to get to any of the tourist point of interest. Why comes all the way to Thailand if you just want to stay at the resort? Hawaii is a lot closer.