Timeshare Release - Pergola Holiday & Leisure Club Complaints, Claims & Compensation

Pergola Hotel & Spa

Hotel from HELL! Stay away!

Location ;
My husband and I booked pergola hotel sea view apartment for 7 days with half board. Starting with the positive points the location of the hotel is good, it is close to the sea takes roughly 20 minutes to walk there.


The bus service to other cities is very close to the hotel. The rooms are cleaned on a daily basis. The apartment has all necessary crockery, extra pillows and blankets.

we booked a double bed and on arrival we find two separate single beds in room number 02. For the first night we pushed both beds together and covered with blankets but unfortunately this solution did not work as there was nothing to support the bed and made it very uncomfortable to sleep on.

Next to the bedroom there is a constant loud noise coming from a machine which meant no quality sleep. In the morning we asked at reception if we could change rooms as we requested a double bed and because of the noise and the member of staff named “Tanya” on duty told us they could only push both beds together and all the beds in the hotel are single (OMG) After reading reviews on trip advisor my husband found that this is not true!! After no solution when speaking to Tanya(she has next to no manners!) the following day my husband spoke to another member of staff at reception named Edgon who was very helpful and arranged for us to change apartments immediately to 204.He took us up to the apartment to see and also asked if we were happy with moving into the new apartment. When we arrived we found that this apartment has a double bed!! “ Oh Tanya!!” Both bedrooms that we stayed in had a dark window that allows no air to flow through and the rooms are very dark.

The water was brown and rusty, after leaving the water running for 20mins the water was still brown. See pictures attached. After the first two days we had to ask at reception for new towels despite our rooms being cleaned and the toilet paper is not refilled!!

The food at pergola hotel is not good at all that goes for breakfast and dinner, we found the muesli is mixed with cornflakes and served with long life milk. The food is unbelievably salty e.g fish served in the evening and you feel very thirsty afterwards. Poor quality e.g. the desserts are all frozen with no taste what so ever, it was AWFUL, Salad options is tomatoes which are TASTELESS and some lettuce. Hot drinks come from a machine which we could not drink as the drinks taste BITTER, Coming from the UK where we have fresh milk to being served hot drinks and cereal with long life milk is very disappointing. I asked the manager on duty for hot milk at breakfast “cold milk over there” she replied in a abrupt Way!! My husband did not accept this then kindly asked a member of staff for hot milk and he was spotted by that manager, the member of staff was told off by her and after a while he come back with warm milk heated in the microwave. After this we decided not to go back for breakfast because asking for hot milk would put him in an awkward situation. At dinner There is not much of a healthy variety e.g mainly pasta,bread and potato. Some of the food has strange combination such as honey melon soaked in lemon juice( short cut technique) to prevent it from changing colour and last longer. In the evening there is a tray which contains “vegetables” we found this is frozen tasteless cauliflower similar to what you can buy in Iceland for £1!! When you take one bite your mouth is filled with water. There were some options of food which we did not try such as chicken, beef , sausages but as from what we did try I would not recommend the half board option with pergola.

After eating there for two days and feeling sick we decided NOT TO GO back because the food is NOT Worth it , There not many options e.g the tomato is in two bowls which makes it look like more.

The hotel gave me the impression that there is no quality food in Malta!

The connection is poor that it took my husband two days to upload pictures on Facebook.

No lock on the door (room 204) leading to the balcony which is really unsafe being close to the ground floor.


This hotel takes a lot of short cuts and I think this goes down to a “stingy approach” and trying to make money without spending! I know the manager will reply to my reviews as he did with the others e.g we will investigate! no need For investigation; your staff are rude, or contact us: no need as stingy approach doesn’t need explanation! Or we strive to please our customers; no need as your staff failed to provide us even with hot milk!

After we payed for half board and was very disappointed we had to buy our food from a local supermarket “Valyou” ( yes there is a quality food in Malta) for the remaining days that we stayed.

We couldn’t wait to leave this so called “hotel”

Thank you pergola I will Never go back!