Parque Mourabel Oasis Village

Could be much better

Just arrived back from Parque Mourabel after staying half board for a week and I am amazed it has 4 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor. My main gripe with the hotel is the standard and choice of food. I am a regular visitor to 3-star hotels in Europe and this had the poorest choice of food by far. For breakfast, you basically have a choice of sausage, scrambled egg, streaky bacon and beans every single day. Apart from that, you have a selection of 3 dry bowls of cereal and toast. In other hotels, the choice has been far superior and on a couple of days, they didn’t even manage to muster up some sausages.

For an evening meal, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a buffet with a wide range of choice, but you chose off a small restrictive menu. Hopefully, for a starter, you like orange juice, soup or some kind of salad because that is on offer every day (p.s don’t go for the green salad which consisted of 2 lettuce leaves a piece of pepper and a piece of cucumber). For the main meal, you have a choice of a meat dish, a pasta dish and a fish dish. Finally, for pudding, you have ice cream or a small piece of cake. Although the choice was limited the quality of food was not too bad.

Another issue we found was the cleanliness of the room. They only clean every other day, which again I’d expect better for a 3 star and on one occasion in the week they didn’t clean for 2 consecutive days. Although my room was not particularly dirty it’s nice to have your room cleaned. Cleaning your room earlier than 5 o clock would also be great.

The location is not really suitable for anyone who likes to regularly go into town, but as there is absolutely nothing to do near to the hotel you don’t have much choice, but to make the jaunt down 2 to 3 times a day (around a mile and a bit). On the plus side, it is a nice walk and the park is well kept. The hotel does offer a taxi service 3 times a day which we used a couple of times, which is good.

On the plus side, the room was excellent (upgrade to a superior room it will be worth it). The pool area is spacious and there were enough sunbeds to go around. The drink prices were reasonable and a couple of the waitresses were friendly. The dining area is nice.

Overall do not go to this hotel if you regularly want to go out as there is nothing near to the hotel. Do not go to this hotel if you want a large choice of food. However, that said the hotel is not all bad and we still enjoyed ourselves, no way is it a 4 out of 5 hotel though in my opinion.